May the Month of Mary

What happens during May?

During May, our children and school community take time to reflect upon and celebrate the identity of Mary. Mary as the mother of Jesus, the Mother of our church and other identities that we remember our special Mother for. 

Throughout the month of May, classes across school will take part in lessons and worships centred around our Mother, as well as taking their turn to take home the Mary box to experience with their family.

The whole school and Parish community gather for a Marian worship to celebrate our Mother and thank her for her guidance in our lives. Our families so generously provide their children with flowers for the worship, which we use to adorn the statues of Mary in church and around school before donating the rest of the flowers to local homes for the elderly. We are always grateful and in awe of the generosity of our families and know that these donations make a huge difference to those who receieve them.