Welcome to St Nicholas

Our 'Statement to Live By' this week is:

 'I try to appreciate the beauty and the wonder in the world around me.'


Values and Ethos  

As a Catholic School we uphold Christian standards and values. We form a community of teachers and pupils linked closely with the parents of those pupils and the wider community of the Parish. Importance is given to the worship of God and the direct teaching of the Catholic faith. Suitable liturgies are prepared for the different age groups at school and at parish level.

  To this end our Aims in this School are:

  1. To cultivate the attitudes and qualities of character which are an essential part of the school's function. The general tone and atmosphere of the school is very important in achieving this function.
  2. To ensure that the children will live their Faith in a caring and sharing Community where qualities such as honesty, self control, courtesy, and consideration for others are seen to be important. To achieve this objective the full support of the parents is an essential component.
  3. To strive to provide the children with a wide range of educational experience and to develop other potential in pupils, culturally, athletically, practically, and aesthetically and to equip them for the responsibilities of citizenship and the challenges of employment in the future.
  4. To keep abreast with current thinking in Education, and to contribute towards improving standards.
  5. To endeavour to develop an awareness of other needs outside the school from the local community to the Third World.


'Love one another,  as I have Loved you'

(John 13: 34-35) 

Latest News

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