Leadership Team

Mrs J. Burns -  Headteacher

Mrs N. Fox - Deputy Head / Child Protection 

Mrs L. Dowd - Assistant Head / Key Stage Two Teacher

Miss A. Hills - SENCO / Key Stage Two Lead / Child Protection

Mrs S. Doherty - EYFS Teacher / Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Lead / Child Protection 


Teaching Staff

Miss F McAndrew -  Year 6 Teacher

Miss Hills - Year 5/6 Teacher / SENCO / Key Stage Two Lead / Child Protection

Miss B Pearson - Year 5 Teacher / Child Protection

Miss K McBride - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs L Dowd  - Year 3/4 Teacher / Assistant Head

Mrs J Smith-Cottle - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs N Fox - Year 2 Teacher / Child Protection

Mrs K McNeil / Mrs Haines - Year 1/2 Teachers

Miss E Chatt - Cottle - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Doherty - Reception A Teacher / Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Lead / Child Protection

Mr J Melody - Reception B Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs A. Stringer - Nursery Nurse

Mrs C. Smith - HLTA

Miss F. Haines - HLTA / Unqualified Teacher

Miss A. Spurr - HLTA

Miss C. Causey - Learning Support Assistant / HLTA

Mrs K. Hutchinson - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G. Duffy - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L. Dickinson - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs M. Zagajewska - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J. Larkin - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V. Ellis- Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C. Gray - Learning Support Assistant

Miss K. Newsome - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C. Howard - Learning Support Assistant


Office Staff

Miss P. Dunleavy - Business Manager

Miss W. Musson - Administration Assistant

Mrs E. Dwyer - Attendance Officer / Administration Assistant / Safeguarding

Miss M. Sharkey - Administration Assistant



Mr. D. Cox - Superintendent                                                                 

Mrs A.Barton

Mr. C. Cavasi 

Mrs J. Ruiz



Mrs D. Evans   

Miss  J. Minns

Mrs B. Hollyoak 

Miss S. Frankland    

Mrs R. Boyle