Leeds Irish Health & Homes Partnership

Members of the Leeds Irish Health & Homes family make up a large part of our Parish community. St Nocholas have developed a strong link with the organisation and we continue to cherish the relationship that we are continously building upon.


Who are Leeds Irish Health & Homes?

Since 1996, we have been at the forefront of providing services to meet the current and developing needs of the Irish community in Leeds.

We have supported thousands of people in our community during this time, helping them to live more independent lives and navigate systems in times of uncertainty with our personalised approach.

We promise that everyone who walks through our door will always find a smile and warm welcome, the offer of a hot drink and – most importantly – someone who will listen to what you have to say. 

"Care, Culture and Community"

Our three core values – care, culture and community inspire us to celebrate the positive contribution Irish people make to Leeds, whilst ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable in our community are met, and they receive the support they need to live as independent a life as possible.

How do we help at St Nicholas? 

Our partnership with Irish Health and Homes has created a number of opportunities for intergenerational relationships to be built based on the gospel virtues. Across the year, we support the foundation's work to prevent their members who lead independent lives, from suffering with loneliness, especially throughout periods of celebration. Our children create cards and write letters that are delivered to members of the organisation. 

Our Mini Vinnies work closely with Irish Health and Homes to continue strengthening our relationship, and recently, hosted a soda bread making workshop together, here at St Nicholas.

The foundation, and Leeds Irish Centre, were kind enough to donate a number of gift cards to our Christmas foodbank, to ensure that families within our school and parish community, would have all that they needed over the December break.