Year 5 School Closure

Miss Pearson, Miss McBride & Miss Hills

Below, you will find the Maths and English tasks we are completing in school. Complete these tasks as you normally would, using paper or the exercise books we used during our lockdown online learning lessons.


Week beginning 14.9.20

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dividing a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number Solving division problems Perimeter of a rectangle Perimeter of rectilinear shapes Finding the area of shapes by using the ‘counting squares’ method.



Week beginning 14.9.20

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
To identify key features of a non-chronological report. To identify the difference between formal and informal writing. To use relative clauses beginning with a relative pronoun. To plan a non -chronological report To write an introduction.


Resources for Monday:

 Ancient Greek Example 1.pdfDownload
 Extra practise - Part Whole Model 3 digit.pdfDownload
 Features hunt worksheet.pdfDownload
 Greek Fact File.pdfDownload
 Non-chronological report Zeus.pdfDownload
 Success Criteria.pdfDownload
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Resources for Tuesday:

 Life as a Spartan.pdfDownload
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Resources for Wednesday:

 Relative clause M.docxDownload
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