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ENGLISH WB:12.10.20

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MATHS WB 12.10.20

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 year One
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 year One
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Year 1 Resources September 2020 

Miss Chatt and Mrs Wyrill


Click on the links below to find the work for the week of the 14th September 2020.


Below are the resources for Maths. Follow the weekly PowerPoint and work through the daily activities.

Maths Weekly PowerPoint


Change within 5 - More


Change within 5 - Less


Time - My Day


Number Bonds - within 5


Fluent in 5

These activities include 3 questions a day. They are created to be 5 minutes a question.

14.09.2020 PowerPoint


Below are the resources for English. Follow the weekly PowerPoint and work through the daily activities.

English Weekly PowerPoint

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grammar  Phoneme Frames Phoneme Frames 'at' Recognising Simple Sentences Capital Letters and Full Stops
English Sequencing Adjectives Unscramble Sentences My Animal



 Download the PowerPoint and work through the sounds allowing your child to say the sounds as they see them. 

Phonics PowerPoint

Reading Comprehension

Work through the reading comprehension with lots of sounding out. Follow the instructions and add to the picture.

Reading Comprehension

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test

Please see details and resources below for the planned Phonics Screening Test in the Autumn Term when the current Year 1 children enter Year 2:

Resources to support your child in preparation fro the Phonics Screening Test

Phonics Practice Booklets Phonics Practice Tests
Phase 2 Activity Booklet Test 1
Phase 3 Activity Booklet Test 2
Phase 4 Activity Booklet Test 3
Phase 5 Activity Booklet Test 4
Test 5

Below are a list of useful links to access from home:

Websites to support phonics and reading

Phonics Play -

Username: march20

Password: home

Phonics Bloom -

Jolly Phonics -

Mr. T’s Phonics -

Ceebies Alphablocks -

Topmarks -

Oxford Owl -             

Starfall -

Mr Mac’s Tricky Words -


Websites to support maths

Numberblocks -

Topmarks -

Mathletics -

Numberbots -

Ceebies Numeracy -

Crickweb -

Jack Heartmann Subitising -

Mr Mac Counting -

Shape Song -

Other useful websites

Go Noodle Exercises -

Cosmic Kids Yoga -

Nursery Rhymes and Songs -



Physical Education in Year 1.

Please find below information on Physical Education you can do at home.