Sacramental Preparation

Throughout their time at St.Nicholas, parents may decide for their children to embark upon their journey of Sacraments as part of the Catholic Church. From Reception to Year 6, children will celebrate their First Confession, First Holy Communion and their Confirmation.

School will contact you at the relevant times regarding these Sacraments. If you have any questions regarding these, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call the school office or email directly.


In Year 3, the children will have the opportunity to celebrate their First Confession (reconciliation), the children must be baptised Catholic to complete their First confession.

In Year 4, the children will celebrate their First Holy Communion, before the children celebrate their First Holy Communion the children need to have completed their First Confession.

In Year 5 and 6 the children will prepare and celebrate their Confirmation. The children will prepare for their Confirmation in the Summer term of Year 5 and complete their Confirmation in the Autumn term of Year 6. 


When your child is in these year groups you will be sent out information and letters to keep you up to date with dates for the sessions and the Sacraments. 

First Confession (Reconciliation)


The programme for the Sacrament of First Reconciliation takes place in Year 3. The Programme is led by Mrs Smith-Cottle who liases with Fr Craig and the families of the children  involved. 

The programme begins in Spring term of Year 3.

Year 3 Confession session dates - 2024


Congratulations to the First Confession children! We are proud of you!

First Holy Communion


The programme for First Holy Communion begins in Year 4 after the children have made their Frist Confession in Year 3. The preparation usually begins in the later part of the Spring term each year and the First Holy Communion usually takes place in late May or early June. 

The programme is led by Mrs Smith-Cottle who liases with Fr Craig and the families.

Before the classes commence there will be a First Holy Communion meeting for parents of children who wish for their child to make their First Holy Communion. The parents meeting PowerPoint is attached below.

Holy Communion parent's meeting 2024


Year 4 - Communion sessions letter - 2024


Communion Tie Letter - 2024




The last Sacrament the children will complete in primary school is the Sacrament of Confirmation. The preparation for Confirmation will now take place in the Summer term of Year 5 and the celebration of Confirmation will take place in the Autumn term of Year 6.

Confirmation candidates will have made their First Confession and First Holy Communion before completing their Confirmation.

The programmar is led by Mrs Smith-Cottle who liases with Fr Craig and the families involved.

Year 5 - Confirmation sessions - 2024