Welcome to Year 6

Miss McAndrew

Things to remember:  Our PE days are currently Monday and Tuesday . Homework is set on a Tuesday and due the following Monday. All children need to have pumps with them in school.

 Welcome to our class blog! 

Year 6 marks the children’s final year at St Nicholas’ and is when we prepare for their transition to high school. This year is packed with exciting and challenging opportunities where we strive to develop the children’s independence and hand over greater responsibility.


On this page, you can take a look at all of the fantastic things we have been up to throughout the year. Below, you will also find copies of children's termly topic leaflets, spelling lists and important letters as well as links to key learning resources for the children to use outside of school.


    We are currently reading:    


This term's ninja vocabulary!


Earth and Space 

Our main theme this term is Earth and Space. We will be learning all about the solar system, NASA and the space race. Within English, we will be studying the book 'Hidden Figures'. As part of our experience lesson to begin this topic, a mobile planetarium visited us in school and provided us with an amazing planetarium show. This unique learning opportunity allowed us to explore the solar system and learn all about the wonders of space in an immersive environment! We had a great time and learnt lots of information to support us throughout our upcoming topic.

    Year 6 Key Information    

    Autumn Reminders    


Autumn is a busy term for Year 6, marking the beginning of their final year at St Nicholas! Above, you will find all of the key informstion for this term. Take a look below at what's been happening in school!

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Winter Landscape In Snow Forest. Alley In Snowy Forest Stock Photo, Picture  And Royalty Free Image. Image 48491600.

​Snow Days offer a wonderful opportunity for the children to get outside and be physically active whilst exploring this beautiful and interesting weather phenomenon in all sorts of ways; as scientists, as artists, as geographers ...and as children.

As teachers, we have made the decision to embrace this as a wonderful opportunity for home learning when the children cannot safely come into school.   Please find below, all sorts of ideas for learning activities that the children can do which are linked to the snow.

We have decided not to organise these under age-related headings.  All of the activities are good fun and most are 'open-ended' enough that the children can explore them at the level which suits them.



This works best when it is REALLY cold outside, well below freezing point.  Sometimes it can be cold enough for the bubbles to actually freeze and be covered in ice patterns.
Even if it is not that cold, the bubbles will stay for a while on the cold snow.
It is easy to make your own bubble mixture with washing-up liquid and water!
You could have 'races' to see whose bubble lasts the longest without popping. ​Or you could take som photos of your bubbles sitting on the snow.
Bubble freezing in the snow! Magical! - YouTube

Snow tracks and snow prints 

​Be a 'snow detective' and search for tracks in the snow.  Which creature might they belong to?
Or use some everyday objects to make your own prints. 



Other Snow Day Activities:

Snow Day Acrostic Poem

Snow Day BINGO

Snow Day Write Up