Mrs Fox and Mrs Naylor

Welcome to the Year 2 class page! On this page you will find resources that we use in school that will support your children at home. There will be photographs to show you the class' learning journey and all the exciting opportunities we are giving your children throughout the year.


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Click here to view KS1: Long Term Plan 


September: Parent Information PowerPoint

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Topic Leaflets

Click on  the relevant term below to view our topic leaflet:


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Click on  the relevant term below to view the whole terms spellings:

The children are set weekly spellings which are sent home every Tuesday in their homework books. 


765 Autumn Tree by Tigers-stock | Autumn trees, Tree, Watercolor tree

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Autumn 1 


Spring  1 Summer 1


Autumn 2


Spring 2 Summer 2


Here are some fun ways you can practice your spellings at home.                          Click here: Spelling activities  



Year Two Statutory Spellings

Please can your child practice these spellings daily.

Statutory spellings are spellings that your child is expected to be able to read and write by the end of their time in Year Two.

These are separate from our weekly spellings. 


Statutory Spellings  spelling-bee-contest-clipart-free-clip-art-images | Oxford Elementary


Each week your child will be given a new math's and spelling task to complete in their homework books/wallets. 

There is also a half term project focus, the project will focus on a variety of areas of the curriculum , linked to our class topics, allowing children to express their thoughts and ideas , in their own creative manner.

Weekly homework and spellings will be sent out on a Tuesday and is to be returned to school on a Monday.


Autumn : Humanities- History

The Great Fire of London

Great fire of London | Class 2/1B workbook | Great fire of london, The  great fire, Fire london


Useful link to information about

The Great Fire of London:




Reading Books

                            Read Write Inc                                               Read Write Inc. Phonics: Storybook and Non-fiction Super Easy Buy Pack:  Oxford University Press

Your child will bring home two different types of books.

One is a Read Write Inc phonics book, this needs to be brought to school every day.

The other is a library book, this will be sent home on a Tuesday and needs to be brought back on a Monday along with the homework. These books are to share as a family.

                               Colebrook Junior School - Library   

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Things to Remember:

                                                LILY & DAN Kids Boys Girls Black School PE Canvas Pumps Plimsolls Plimsoles  £5.49 - PicClick UK Kids Flip-Top Water Bottle | Children Drinks Bottle | LittleLife Netherlands

  1. Please ensure your child brings their water bottle with them into school everyday.
  2. All children should have a pair of pumps for them to wear during the day in school. If not, please could these be brought into school.
  3. Please ensure your child's clothing is clearly labelled with their name. 

                                                     PE | Federation of Boldmere Schools

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kits which are kept in school.

This should be a plain black. 

At the end of each half term, the children will bring their PE kits home.

Indoor PE- Wednesday

Outdoor PE- Thursday



Take a look at what we have been up to in Autumn 1:


Science : Materials

Which materials would be the most suitable for

The Three Little Pigs House?

This term the children have been learning about different materials. We have been thinking of materials that would be suitable to build houses. The children created houses using various materials and decided that bricks were the most suitable as they are , strong, hard and waterproof.  

Science : Materials 

Which materials are waterproof and absorbent ?

The children used different materials to see which were waterproof and which were absorbent. The children predicted the rubber gloves would be the most waterproof and the sponge would be the most absorbent.



Winter Landscape In Snow Forest. Alley In Snowy Forest Stock Photo, Picture  And Royalty Free Image. Image 48491600.

​Snow Days offer a wonderful opportunity for the children to get outside and be physically active whilst exploring this beautiful and interesting weather phenomenon in all sorts of ways; as scientists, as artists, as geographers ...and as children.

As teachers, we have made the decision to embrace this as a wonderful opportunity for home learning when the children cannot safely come into school.   Please find below, all sorts of ideas for learning activities that the children can do which are linked to the snow.

We have decided not to organise these under age-related headings.  All of the activities are good fun and most are 'open-ended' enough that the children can explore them at the level which suits them.



This works best when it is REALLY cold outside, well below freezing point.  Sometimes it can be cold enough for the bubbles to actually freeze and be covered in ice patterns.
Even if it is not that cold, the bubbles will stay for a while on the cold snow.
It is easy to make your own bubble mixture with washing-up liquid and water!
You could have 'races' to see whose bubble lasts the longest without popping. ​Or you could take som photos of your bubbles sitting on the snow.
Bubble freezing in the snow! Magical! - YouTube


​Be a 'snow detective' and search for tracks in the snow.  Which creature might they belong to?
Or use some everyday objects to make your own prints.