Welcome to Year 4! 

Mrs Wallis


Welcome to year 4 2020-2021, I hope that you have had a super holiday and are excited about the wonderful year that we are going to share together. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you to achieve your potential. I have planned a wide range of creative, challenging and fun opportunities that will give you the chance to showcase your learning in a variety of ways. During our time in Year 4, we will discover the incredible journey which Ernest Shackleton and his men took to the South Pole on the Endurance ship, in topic we will go back in time to discover what life was like in the British Stone Age through to the Iron Age and discover further historical events later in the year in the Elizabethan period. Throughout the year we will carry out a wide range of science investigations and geographical studies. In R.E we will discover the stories in the Bible which help us to learn more about God and other special people in the Bible. We will also help each other to prepare and share class collective acts of worship. We will enjoy developing our math's skills through reasoning, problem solving and investigating helping to understand how we can transfer these important skills into everyday life. 


I hope you are all as excited and eager to get going this year, ready to work hard and strive to be your best. 

Free Summer Clipart - Animations - Happy Summer


Welcome back after a very lovely Easter break! This half term we have lots of exciting learning opportunities for the children. 

 Summer Topic Leaflet

What do I need to remember to bring with me?  Important dates Extra information 

Our P.E Days are on a Tuesday- Please remember a plain black Tshirt, plan black trousers and as we will be outdoors a plain black jumper aswel as trainers. 


Homework will be posted on GoogleClassrooms weekly- please check on there for your homework. 


MyMaths homework will be updated on a Wednesday aswel as TTRockstar challenges. 


Readingeggs challenges will be uploaded on a Friday. 

April 19th- Back to school. 

April 21st- Class photos. 

Monday 3rd May- May Bank Holiday. 



All children have log in information to access these accounts: 









This term we will be reading the story of Mr Stink written by David Walliams. We will spend some time discussing the ‘back story’, creating a character profile, noting Mr Stink’s appearance, or other characters in the book, for example Raj the local newsagent. We will then innovate the story of Mr Stink and make up our own characters and write a humorous story about them, using apostrophes, personal and possessive pronouns and a range of other year 4 writing objectives including dialogue, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions to help our writing become more enjoyable for the reader.


Home learning English. 

From the 27th April to the 6th May Year 4 were completing their work from home. We took this opportunity to look at how the nature around us can inspire us to become better writters. From this we created our own nature poems. 

Some of the children even recorded their own nature poems. Take a glance at their incredible poems. 





Over the next term we will be focusing on;

  • Fractions and decimals- looking at the fraction equivalence to decimals, addition and subtraction of both fraction and decimals.
  • Money- we will be using our addition and subtraction skills to help us solve money problems.
  • Statistics- We will be solving problems using information presented in a range of graphs and charts.
  • Multiplication table- please encourage your child to practice these.

Statistics - Y4.pdf

Decimals - Y4.pdf

Multiplication and Division - Y4.pdf




In Summer 1, Year 4 will learn that Peter was chosen by Jesus to play a special role in the Church and that Jesus gave his followers a mission – to spread the Good News to others. We will take the time to discuss the life of St Peter and that how he became the first Pope.

We will also learn that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to help his followers and that Pentecost was the beginning of the Church. We will then begin to learn about the missions of Peter and Paul and all about Stephen, who had been chosen to help the apostles and how he became the first martyr of the Christian faith.

In Summer 2 we learn about ‘The Church’ and the importance of the church in our community. How we become part of the church and the learning about our first sacrament, Baptism.

This year the year 4 children will also be continuing to learn about the sacrament of Holy Communion and will continue to participate in classes on a Thursday at 3.30pm on Google Classroom.



Keep an eye on our class page for the children's most recent work which they produce. 



Welcome back to Spring Term in Year 4! We have lots of exciting things planned this term including our Roman day, Roman Workshops, our Easter Production and much much more! Make sure to keep an eye on our class blog over the next few weeks with our most upto date information. 


What will I need to remember to bring with me?

Key dates 

 Key information 

Our P.E Days are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday- Please remember a plain black Tshirt, plan black trousers and as we will be outdoors a plain black jumper aswel as trainers. 


Homework will be posted on GoogleClassrooms weekly- please check on there for your homework. 


MyMaths homework will be updated on a Wednesday aswel as TTRockstar challenges. 


Readingeggs challenges will be uploaded on a Friday. 


Monday 4th January- Return to School. 

Tuesday 5th January- Roman Workshop

Thursday 28th January- Zoom Meeting with the British History Museum. 

Friday 12th February- Half Term

Monday 22nd February- Spring 2 Return to School





Topic Leaflet- Year 4- 

Topic Leaflet Spring 2020.docx

All children have log in information to access these accounts: 


















Knowledge Organizers for Spring 1.

Color Book Knowledge Vector Illustration | Book clip art, Tree clipart,  Coloring books

Maths- addition and subtraction

English- Writing. 

History- The Romans. 

Geography- Rio and South East Brazil......., Climates around the World.

Science- Animals including Humans- Teeth and their digestive system. 


Spring 1 Spellings

Spelling Test Support - Advice for Parents (and Teachers)
Year 4 Spring 1 Spellings 2021.docx


Timetable testing. 

Division Symbol 580*436 transprent Png Free Download - Area, Text, Symbol.  - CleanPNG / KissPNG


The government is introducing a new assessment for Year 4 pupils. In June, each child in Year 4 is set to complete an online multiplication tables check (MTC). Read more about this new assessment.

There will be 25 questions covering the full range of facts children are expected to know, which means questions going up to 12 x 12. However, there​’​s slightly more weighting towards multiplication facts involving 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 due to these being the most difficult to learn. For example, there will be between 2 and 4 questions involving multiplying by 6.

For each question, children are presented with a multiplication fact and an empty box. This may be written as __ x 6 or as 6 x __ .

If you’d like to practise at home, I have uploaded some worksheets to practice on aswel as TTRockstars. (See below)

There are also lots of websites that you can use. This one is very similar to the MTC. It’s possible to alter the settings on this website to focus on particular times tables.

Another exciting way to practise times tables is through the ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ website. Every child has their own individual login details that enables them to access their account at school and at home. Feedback so far is that this is proving an enjoyable way to practise times tables facts at home!


Practice Sheets














Home learning in lockdown. 

This half term we have spent our time in lockdown at home again. We have been really lucky as we have Google Classrooms which has given us the opportunity to meet with each other daily, have registration together, meet up during the day for anything we are struggling with during the day, so Mrs Wallis can talk us through our work. We also get to meet at 2.50pm every day for story time. 

Please see our home learning timetable below; 

Year 4 timetable Springb1.pdf



During English this half term we have been creating our own stories based on the video The Lighthouse which can be found on Literacy Shed's website- https://www.literacyshed.com/the-lighthouse.html 


We have created some fantastic pieces of writing with alternative story endings. Take a look at some of the pieces that we have created. Just click on the image and you will be transported to a village in southern Italy.


Literacy Shed Plus - Literacy Shed Plus - Teaching Resources Made Easy


This half term we have been spending time looking at South East Brazil and Rio. We took a trip to Brazil and found out lots of information about the geographical landscape natural and man-made. We worked really hard on a project highlighting the culture of Brazil- check out some of the work we have been doing.



This half term we have gone back in time to discover the Ancient Romans. 

We firstly set out to find out who the Romans were and where they came from. We then have discovered who Julius Caesar was and what he did for Rome and their ever growing empire. Creating some fantastic sketches of him. 




Have a look at some of the work we have created at home about the Romans. 




Topic leaflets 

Websites to help your child 

Events come up.


Autumn Topic Leaflet 

Spring Topic Leaflet 

Summer Topic Leaflet


All children have log in information to access these accounts: 







Back to School- Tuesday 8th September 2020


Half Term- Friday 23rd October 2020

Training day- Monday 2nd November 2020

Year 4 Class Assembly - St Nicholas day.

How can you help your child?

 There are many different ways in which you can support your child's learning at home these include, 

  • Reading with your child (mix this up with them reading to you and you reading to them.) 
  • Access TTRockstars 
  • Always check on Google Classrooms for homework- this will include MyMaths homework, Reading Eggs and Readiwritter- ensuring to practice spellings on a daily basis. 
  • Homework should always be completed and to a high standard- please check Google Classrooms for due dates. 
  • Best thing though is to come in school on time and eager and excited to learn.


Autumn 1. 

Free Fall Clipart - Animations - Autumn Clip Art

This half term we have worked incredibly hard- the children have been amazing and eager to get back into school- it is just so lovely to have a full class back in to teach and the children come in everyday with a huge smile on their faces. 


Things to know this half term. 

Make sure to bring in water bottles daily. 

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday- Please come to school in P.E kit. 

Reading books to be brought in to school and placed in the day of the week- these will then be changed after 72 hours of being in the box- we will then hand the book out at the end of that day. I.E if you bring the book back in on Monday- the book will be changed on a Thursday. 

Homework will be on Google Classrooms- you should have all received the information on how to log on with this. 

Any home learning for your child if we go into either Lockdown or your child is isolating can be found on Google Classrooms- please make sure you log in to check on this. 

Autumn 1 Spellings 

Spelling Test Support - Advice for Parents (and Teachers)

Year 4 Autumn 1 Spellings 2020.docx


History- Stone Age to Iron Age.

Prehistory | Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

This half term we will be studying the topic of British History for Stone Age to Iron Age. On Monday 3rd November we came into find a real life skeleton.....we spent most of the morning trying to work out when this skeleton was from looking at the clues around him/her.

 We used all the information infront of us to guess where "Eric" was from...we came up with the conclusion that he was a man from the Stone Age who had died from a wound to the chest. 


Religious Education- The Bible

Children's Resources | Bible clipart, Holy bible, Bible images

This half term, the children have been discussing the importance of the Bible to Christians and what it teaches us about God. We have discovered the story of Abraham and Sarah and how they trusted in God, as well as Noah's Ark- discovering God's temperament and what he wants Christians to learn from this- including his promise that he will never send a flood again with the reminder of a rainbow- Free Free Rainbow Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library


We spent alot of time looking at the Story of the first Passover- trying to understand why God sent down the plagues and how Moses helped set God's people free. 


Shackletons Journey 

By William Grill 

During this topic we have created some fantastic pieces of writing, including diary entries, telegrams, creating our own ship and writing an explanation text about it. We have really enjoyed our journey to the South Pole and discovering the dangers and complications the men went through. 

Shackleton's Journey – Flying Eye Books
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History: Amazon.co.uk: Harrison,  Vashti, Harrison, Vashti: Books

Little Leaders- Bold Women in Black History 

By Vashti Harrison 


The children created some fantastic pieces of writing about certain women in Black history including Rosa Parks, Katherine Johnson, Harriet Tubman and Mary Seacole. 




Autumn 2.

Free Fall Clipart - Animations - Autumn Clip Art Snowy Winter Tree Transparent Png Image, Png Download - kindpng

 Welcome back after a lovely half term, I hope you have all had a rest and are ready to learn! 


This half term we have been creating some fantastic persuasive letters to a logging company on behalf of the animals in the Rainforest. 



We started of our topic by creating some fantastic pieces of artwork and creating our own mini rainforests in jam jars. 


Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (Rise and Shine):  Amazon.co.uk: Cherry, Lynne: 9780152026141: Books

Physical Education 

This half term we have been able to experience cross country and also take part in YogaBugs. This has helped us develop our core muscles and the understanding of keeping our bodies and minds healthy. 

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This half term we have spent finishing off our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We have researched some fascinating facts including what they ate, how they lived and the amazing artefacts they left behind. 

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This half term the children have been working hard on their place value- looking at rounding to the nearest 1000, adding on 10 more, 100 more and less, understanding the position of each number, roman numerals and also negative numbers. 

In December we will begin our topic on addition and subtraction. 

Please keep logging into Mathletics and MyMaths as weekly activities will be uploaded on their to support the childrne with their learning. 


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This half term we have been working hard on Magnets, learning and understanding how they work. We then created a magnetic game for other children in the class to try. 

Do magnets wear out? - BBC Science Focus Magazine


This year we year 4 took their time to remember those who fight for peace and the importance of why we should keep remembering. We created our own prayers and shared them during our worship time. 

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St Nicholas Day 

Will the Real St. Nicholas Please Stand Up? - Pauline Books and Media Blog

This year it was our turn to celebrate St Nicholas day and create an assembly for the whole school. 

During the afternoon session we got to enjoy some of our favorite festive flicks! 

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Please see below our St Nicholas Assembly. 


This half term we have been looking at coding, creating our own games and also imputing our own movements on the computer. One of our pupils created their own coding to create a fantastic message for our class.

Stone Age project.

Year 4 were given a two week project alongside their usual MyMaths.co.uk homework and Readingeggs.co.uk as they wanted to show off what they have learnt about the Stone Age.

Have a look below at some of the incredible results....I think you will agree they have created some fantastic masterpieces!