Miss Calvert and Mr Melody 

Welcome children and parents to our class information page! Our Reception team is built up of four Early Years practitioners. Our class teachers are Miss Calvert and Mr Melody and our learning support staff are Mrs Stringer and Mrs Folan. We work as close team to provide each child with the best possible learning experiences whilst meeting every child's individual needs.

In Reception our aim is to create a safe, happy and inviting learning environment where children will develop their thinking, knowledge, attitudes and skills. We value the characteristics of Effective Learning as vital building blocks in our children’s learning journey. We scaffold children’s learning through play and enjoy setting up provision and open-ended activities which stimulate exciting and meaningful experiences.

A typical day in Reception consist of daily phonics, literacy and maths sessions. We also have topic and RE sessions in an afternoon. We have indoor and outdoor provision which we enhance to develop our children’s learning. Our areas of provision include mark-making, construction, painting, model building, small world, mud kitchen, role-play, den building and a book area. We like to have a varied and lively classroom environment where both the outdoor and indoor activities give the children their best chance of accessing the full Foundation Stage curriculum.  We aim to build children who are happy, independent, confident and thoughtful.

Class blog

This half-term Reception have been very busy enjoying lots of fun, practical and engaging activities. In RE our theme has been Joy and Sorrow. The children have been discussing how we can say sorry when we hurt someone and understand that we need to ask Jesus to help us to do this. We have also been learning about the Easter Story which we have explored through drama, sensory play and religious artwork. Our class story has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we have taken part in lots of engaging activities based around this. We have learnt the lifecycle of a butterfly, retold the story through drama and used adjectives to describe the character from the story. The children have also made their own healthy smoothies using the fruit that The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate in the story. In maths we have been focusing on the numbers 10 and 11. The children have worked on recognising and representing these numbers, finding one more or one less than 10 and 11 and solving addition and subtraction sums within these numbers. The children have also spent time exploring patterns, money, symmetry and ordering the days of the week. In topic the children have been learning all about minibeasts and their habitats. We have been on a minibeast hunt, made a bug hotel and created a minibeast fact file. In PE the children have been developing their balance, coordination and spatial awareness through a range of activities such as balance biking, yoga, dance and gymnastics. Our arts and crafts sessions have been linked with our topic of minibeasts. We have enjoyed creating symmetrical butterfly paintings, caterpillar handprints and 3D spiders. We have also done lots of arts and crafts based around Easter, for example pop-up chicks, decorative Easter eggs and represented holy week through religious artwork. We are very proud with how Reception have settled back into school life!


The children have been discussing what they would like to be when they grow up! We can be anything we want to be!

We have been working hard on recognising the number one and representing it in different ways. 

We have created our own self-portraits using mixed media! We are all very creative!

Reception learning about the number two. 

Reception have been discussing the different parts of our class story book. They also sequenced the pictures into the correct order.

The children have been creating their own repeated patterns!

We have been creating their own poems based on our class story book.

The children have been learning all about God's wonderful world! They really enjoyed retelling the story of creation. 

We have been working hard on recognising the number three and representing it in different ways. 

Take a look at our beautiful self-portrait paintings.

We have been using story stones to help retell our book 'Funny Bones'.

October is the month of Mary! Come and look at our incredible oil pastel pictures!

Reception have had lots of fun exploring pumpkins! 

We have been learning lots about Bonfire Night! We learnt a Bonfire Night Safety song and created a Bonfire Night safety poster!

The children have been learning the names and properties of 2D shapes.

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We created our own poppies, wrote thank you messages to the soldiers who fought for us and learnt a song about peace and love.

We have been working hard on the number five!

We have been learning all about Diwali! The children made some wonderful rangoli patterns and lanterns. 

The children have really enjoyed reading our new book 'The Girl Who Stole the Stars'.

Reception have been learning all about the number six.

We have been sequencing events and using language in relation to time.

Reception have enjoyed creating lots of different Christmas crafts! 

We have been learning all about advent. The children shared their advent promises with one another. 

Reception have had a very special delivery from the North Pole! Santa has sent us his best elf Sam to keep an eye on us all! He is a very cheeky elf! 

We can recognise and represent seven in different ways! 

Please watch our class Nativity on the school home page! Merry Christmas everyone!



The children have been learning all about how special Mother Mary and our own mothers are! We have created some wonderful portraits of our lovely mummies!

We have been learning all about the number 11.

The children have made their own healthy fruit smoothies using the fruit from their focus story book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We then wrote a set of instructions all about how to make a smoothie. 

Phil the Olympic cyclist has been teaching us a few new moves on our balance bikes! We have all had such a FUN day!


We can recognise and represent the number twelve in different ways!