Google Classroom


As a school, we use G Suite for Education - a set of education productivity tools from Google including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Classroom, and more used by tens of millions of students and teachers around the world. Pupils will use their G Suite accounts to complete assignments, communicate with their teachers and learn 21st century digital citizenship skills, using mostly Google Classroom. 


Your children will have been provided with a school Google account to access G Suite for education. If you are having trouble accessing their account, please see the parent guide below.

Parent Guide to Google Classroom

Google classroom will be used mainly to set, submit and receive feedback on weekly homework, however this will also be our main platform used for remote learning in the event of a school or bubble closure.

Why are we using G Suite at St.Nicholas?

Inspire collaboration

Students can work together in real time in Google Docs (and Sheets, Slides and Sites) to complete group projects.

Manage with ease

Administrators at St. Nicholas can set user permissions, security settings and allow/deny settings for any account on our domain name to ensure safety and privacy for all our children and staff.

Keep data secure

The  Google Apps for Education Administrators can configure many critical security settings & features which will benefit our students.

Stay connected anywhere

Students, staff and children can work together anytime, from any device.  With offline apps, they can keep working even without the internet.

It is free

Every student at St.Nicholas is able to have a Google account that belongs to our domain. This allows them to use everything that Google has to offer, all under one umbrella. Students who do not have the Microsoft Office package can use the word processing and document editing tools that are provided free of charge with Google Apps for Education.

What can my child access with their Google account?

  • Gmail provides email storage with extra security including the option for restricted incoming and outgoing email.
  • Google Calendar enables us to create and share school or class calendars with events.
  • Google Drive lets pupils create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. This also allows students/Pupils to work collaboratively on projects simultaneously in real time. Students/Pupils will be able to work on the same document from their own homes.
  • Google Sites makes it easy to collect, share, and publish all types of content in a single website. Students/Pupils will also be using sites to create portfolios of work.
  • Other applications such as Google SketchUp, Google Video, Blogger and much more are available via the Google Apps for Education suite.