Reception School Closure

Miss Calvert & Mr Melody

Suggested day:

  • Phonics Task 
  • English Task 
  • Maths Task 
  • Creative Task 

(See Recommended Websites and Apps Sheet/ See Attached Documents Below)

We would also recommend that every day you:

  • Read with your child
  • Sing lots of different songs and rhymes
  • Exercise together
  • Talk to them about their feelings
  • Play games with them
  • Laugh and have fun!  

Week commencing Monday 12th October 2020

 Funny Bones cutting activity.pdfDownload
 Funny bones pencil control.pdfDownload
 Funny bones word mat.pdfDownload
 Letter formation worksheet.pdfDownload
 Number 2 formation.pdfDownload
 Number 2 powerpoint.pdfDownload
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Week commencing monday 5th october 2020

 Home Learning PowerPoint 2.pptxDownload
 Hero sheet.docxDownload
 Number 3.pptDownload
 Pencil Control.pdfDownload
 Cutting Skills.pdfDownload
 Autumn Colouring in.pdfDownload
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Week Commencing Monday 28th September 2020

 Reception Home Learning.pptxDownload
 We Are All Different.exeDownload
 All About 2.pptDownload
 Creation Story.pptDownload
 Creation Cut Outs.pdfDownload
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