Sylvia Wright

 Sylvia Wright Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Sylvia last summer where we were able to present her with a cheque. The money was raised by the children through enterprise projects.

The Sylvia Wright Trust is a registered charity which supports the work of Sylvia Wright in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Sylvia, a nurse from Leeds in the UK, sold her home and possessions in 1982, 37 years ago, to work relentlessly and courageously among the sick and disabled in this very poor area of India. 
Over the years Sylvia she has built and established a 180 bed charity hospital, a residential school for 200 profoundly deaf children, two day centres for 80 severely disabled children, a Nursing College for 60 students as well as running many community health projects.
In 2017 following improvements in state medical provision, the hospital was transferred to a group of Indian doctors. In the same year the old day centres for disabled children were replaced by one, purpose built centre in the grounds of the school for the hearing impaired and the capacity of the Nursing College was increased to 120 students.

The Sylvia Wright Trust, which is based in Leeds, comprises enthusiastic and committed volunteers who raise funds to support all three projects.

Supporting Sylvia
Sylvia's inspiring vision has changed the lives of thousands of sick and disabled people in the very poor southern state of Tamil Nadu. Your support for her continuing work is invited. Further information can be found at: